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So, as the holiday movie-fest went:
Romancing The Stone: Classic. You already love this movie or hate it. "Now, I ain't cheap...but I can be had."

Bulletproof Monk: Chow Yun-Fat. Kung-Fu flick. Of course it kicked ass. Do you need more? If so...well, come one, you know you don't. Yes, it had some plot holes. Yes, there were some important things left completely unexplained (such as why the daughter of a Russian mobster knows kung-fu and speaks fluent Tibetan). All in all, do you care? No. It rocked.

God, Sex, & Apple Pie: Gathering-of-old-friends-reveals-problems-but-with-relatively-heartwarming-ending. Like 'The Big Chill', 'Queens Logic', or 'Peter's Friends'? Then you'll like this...and this has better looking women. *MROWR*

Auto Focus: Dramatization of the life of Bob Crane (star of 'Hogan's Heroes'). you might not have known that ol' Bob was a sex addict, a pioneer in the world of home porn and hidden cameras, and was murdered (in a case that has never been solved). Greg Kinnear actually did a pretty decent job in a straight role for a change, and Willem Dafoe always makes for odd cinema.

The Eye: Asian horror, Chinese this time. Cantonese, if you wanna be specific. Gotta give it high marks for a slow build up but a burning one. Not too much is revealed until the proper moment, but it grows into a nicely creepy flick. Needless to say, I loved it.

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