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Some People Deserve To Die...And Some Should Just Be Tortured

This is not a good morning.

First off, the alarm goes off, and when I try to get out of bed, my entire upper body feels like I I've been working construction for a day and a half. I dunno why, just sore all over, to the point where moving around isn't happening. I go back to bed and Di takes the car to go drop off Erik and head to work. I go back to bed and whimper.

9:30, I'm shocked awake by the phone, and I end up talking to my mother-in-law. What she tells me makes me want to...well, ok, dig this. As you may have read, I was pretty bent about Erik's 'father' fucking up this weekend. At one point yesterday, I did get to talk to Bug about it for a minute, and I expressed my thought that it was pretty uncool of him to have just 'decided' not to keep his promise, and how important keeping your promises was (we've talked off and on lately about honour and integrity). Well, apparently, this morning, Erik went to his grandmother (you may have heard me refer to her under various nicknames, 'Mother Fucker' highest among them) and told her that his dad lied to him! LMAO...yeah, I think that rocked. But she, of course, made excuses and said that that wasn't what happened and fed him a bunch of lines (interestingly enough, stories that don't jive with anything ELSE we've heard about the reasons why this all happened). So now, I guess Bug got all freaked out that he told, and was afraid that he was gonna be in trouble...goddess only KNOWS what the Hell she said to him to get him riled like this.

So, anyway, Mom-in-law called me to see if it was true that he was going to get in trouble or something. I was shocked! The boy hadn't done anything to be in trouble for! Hell, as far as I was concerned, he'd done the best I could have imagined: he stood up for himself and expressed his agreement that being lied to was wrong. In trouble? Man, that boy gets a hug and an extra cookie, as far as *I* have any say in the matter.

These people...these people are so low on the ladder...I swear, there is only the thinnest barrier keeping me from doing something counter to my principles. But in this case, I'm not too worried. Whatever poison they have filled his head with about this will be easily drained when he gets back here tonight and finds that I am really proud of him for standing up for himself, righteously.

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