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I had two uncles on my mother's side. One died when I was two, the other is still around. Really sucks, too, because the one that dies apparently got a huge kick out of little me, played with me a lot and stuff. Hell, I still have some drawings he did for/with me. But car wrecks have a way of screwing with things like that. Oh well.

Anyway, that's not why I went into this. Obviously, age-wise, this means that my uncles grew up in the sixties. They came from a conservative family, and thus were not anywhere near the hippie movement. Thus, like the rest of their generation, they turned to hot rods, and thus, by the time I came along, there was quite a collection of old Hot Wheels cars around my grandparents' place.

I gathered them together one day and kept them, and was pretty proud of the collection of vintage Hot Wheels cars I now owned. Sadly, once I left for college, my brother decided to nab them, and they have now disappeared to the four winds. Dammit. Still, I've always liked them, if only because they are really cool looking and still only cost a buck a piece.

Not long back, we got a bunch for Bug, and I started noticing, again, how much I enjoyed them. Today, we were at the store, grabbing Xmas gifts, and as we dug through a bin full of them, I couldn't help but end up holding on to several that I thought kicked ass...and didn't want to give to anyone else. Yep, looks like I'm gonna start collecting them again.

As usual with my collecting, I don't much care about how anyone else values them or how rare a car is. Price guides and eBay can kiss my big ass, I'm into it for my own aesthetics. Anyway, for now, I need to go pick up a case to start keeping them in, but I do plan, one day, to have a display case of some sort in whatever house I end up in.

Guess we all have some bit of childhood we refuse to give up.

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