God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Strange Findings

So, I'm digging through my hard drives today, just poking around, cleaning up some old files, what have ya, right? As I dig, I find the occasional thing that I once thought was funny or interesting, and haven't glanced at in a long time (I'm a bit of a pack rat, y'see). Jokes, anecdotes, weird pix, all kinds of things. Then, I see a file with no file extension, called 'icanremember', in a folder that it is not connected to. checking it out, it appears to be HTML, so I fix the extension to check it out...imagine my surprise when I discover that it's a AIM chat log, and I'm not even involved in the convo! The best I can figure is that, way back when I lived with caliban and 01flux, I used to let Stephanie use my machine sometimes, and this must have gotten accidently saved in this odd place (it's a convo between her and kespernorth). Don't worry guys, there wasn't anything embarrassing or too personal in it, and I have since deleted it...but man, that was weird to randomly come across.

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