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Just listened to <a href="http://www.kidheythieves.com" target"_blank"><b>Kidney Thieves</b></a> for the first time today, and I'm thoroughly hooked. Damn good stuff.

On a separate note, anyone who argues with me, contradicts their own arguments, and then has the lack of intelligence to finish their arguments with<blockquote><i>Perhaps in your <b>high school</b> you have lots of annoying goths wearing pentagrams and calling themselves Wiccan, but when <b>you get out into the real world</b> you'll realize that <b>your small circle of friends</b> is not representative of the world at large.</i></blockquote>has just basically ASKED me to slap them around...but they do give me an AWFUL big laugh in the midst of my day. High school?!? LMAO...man, talk about not checking your facts...

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