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Work Annoyance

This is a work rant, so feel free to ignore it...

So I've been getting e-mails from my supervisor today, with my monitoring scores for the month, because he's behind in his work as usual. Each one of them from this month details the incredible job that I have been doing with calls, rated excellent in every category except for logging the call. No mention is made, however, of the fact that the databases have been spotty at best this month, constantly going up and down, and that on top of everything else, even when they WERE working, I'm on one of the new machines that even our LAN service guy has admitted has problems...and we aren't given any extra time to go back and do things later. So I'm being downgraded on things that I have little control over. Biatches.

Now, i admit, i didn't BOTHER trying to note most of those calls, BECAUSE I knew I was unable to, so I'm not entirely hypocritical of this. But I still should have been given at least a nod of the head for it.

OK, I'm done, you may go back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

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