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So, ibdreamy calls me at 11:00, asking for my help with the polls for the latest icon contest, over in dreamyicons. Problems getting everything in order, etc. No problem, says I, I'll handle them. Little did I realize what this was gonna entail. 4 posts and 2 hours later, that was done...yeesh. But it's up, and that's good, and everyone's happy. All wi' be well, and all wi' be well, and all manner o' t'ings wi' be well.

OK, as some of you might have heard, 'invite codes' have gone the way of the dodo. LJ accounts are now free once again...so, for a bunch of you, that means you are left with invite codes that are now worthless, right? Wrong. LJ will generate you a coupon, based on the number of iunvite codes you have, that you can use to pay for LJ services (for yourself or others). Check here for more information.

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