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AFA Marriage Poll

It came up recently that the poll the AFA put up recently about gay marriage was 'hacked', and they removed a shitload of votes, saying that they were illegally put there. While this does seem like the kind of thing they would do just to hold down the numbers, the fact is that it's true, and the major perpetrator has given a public apology for doing so.

Coming out and admitting it like that earns back some of the respect he loses for doing such a dumbass thing. But this is the kind of thing that really does piss me off. Now, the poll wasn't exactly fair and unbiased in the beginning anyway, but intentionally fucking the numbers like that (a small program he wrote to simply add votes with a loop script) doesn't help. Spreading the word and getting a more realistic cross-section of people to vote, correctly and fairly, gives an honest opinion.

The dark side of activism. The general point is that you are you and you should be able to think as you like, and you should be able to do as you like, provided that it does not interfere with another. You should be able to express your opinion as you like, but when you start saying that you do not like something purely because YOU think it's offensive and work to make the government control it, then you are infringing on those rights. But the SAME goes for skewing an honest poll...have some integrity.

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