God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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There's this 50's-style diner that zombiedip and I go to occasionally, "Boppin' Bo's". On a note unrelated to the rest of this post, they have damn good burgers and fries. Anyway, we were just looking around at all the decorations, lots of pics of stars of the era, etc., and somehow, we got to talking about social upheavals and change though time. I made the statement that the 20th century was such a time of great change, possibly more so than any other century previous, and partly that was due to the fact that each decade was nearly defined by the changes within it. She asked me for clarification. Somehow, I managed to launch into a mini-lecture that lasted a good 25 minutes, non-stop, starting at 1900 and going into the new millennium, describing changes and interrelations, through society, music, and history...

Now, you gotta understand that I have always hated history as a subject of study. Not my thing in school or college. Always got bored, never could stick with it. So, to manage to make this all coherent, much less to keep going that long without having to stop to think, rather impressed me.

Just one of those moments that I enjoyed being me, I guess.

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