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New Icons, For Me

I've gotten a bit jaded lately, and haven't been mentioning the new icons I've gotten. Might wanna bop over to see them at my pic page, but for those disinclined to click the link, there are three I received from ibdreamy ("Red Bunny", "Red Ant", and "Boobies") and one from xxrubyxx ("Rob Zombie") as Xmas presents. There are two new ones in there from my own work, as well. "Bunny Rock", from some flash cartoon that deusinnomen sent me...he said it reminded him of me.

The other, I just finished, and I'm more proud of it than I have been of an icon I've made in, well...it's number one, let's put it that way. It's the one on this post, the art coming from the coming game Hitman: Contracts. However, I've morphed my face onto ol' 47, and used a suggestion of a passing light to give it some animation. Man, not that hard, but tedious. Looked much better when it was bigger, you could see more detail, but I'm not complaining. I'm mighty happy with it.

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