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Well, we cleaned up the mildewed area as best we could, but I'm afraid it may have permanently stained the carpet in one area. Oh well, we're probably moving soon.

Speaking of cleaning, Di and I bit the bullet and pulled out both our big boxes of old cassette tapes. Talk about a return to childhood...we decided to consolidate them into one box and get rid of some of them, to make some room (and to gain an box for my now homeless comics). Well, after a couple hours of digging, deciding, hemming and hawing, and making some tough choices, we're down to one box of tapes, and we tossed somewhere around 30 pounds of cassettes! Very hard to get rid of some of them, but I kept all the important ones...

Yes, that is completely full of tapes...yeesh.

Pic's a little dark, but yes, it's a kitchen garbage bag FULL of tapes.

In other news, I'm starting to think I have some serious mental issues. Have to do some research and whatnot, see what I can find.

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