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Ugh...another day of feeling funky. And opposed to my normal feelings towards funk, this is not a good kind of funk. Nay, not a George Clinton/Fishbone kind of funk, but a sludgy/swamp kind of funk. Fake funk. Fucked funk. Bleah.

How is it that I can be so mad at a group of people that I'm thinking of leaving, and then one comment in my direction, not even direct but through an unsuspecting middleman, can change my attitude about them. Eh, I think I was just letting my annoyance at a small minority colour my judgement of the whole...but damn are they a loud, vocal minority. Kinda like religiosos; the loud whiny ones make the whole crowd look bad.

Had zombiedip in tears of laughter for a good 20 minutes last night, talking about penile injuries. Only me, huh? Go figure.

Bah...I have icons I need to make for people, I need to get more tarot cards done, I'm in the middle of 11 fuckin' games (well, 8 and 3 that have been quasi-started), I can't find decent work, and I feel weird. Yeah, lookit me livin' the high life.

Just discovered Crystal Method is supposedly gonna be here in two weeks or so...guess I'll be missing that. Fuck.

Presently making up for it by attempting to get Alice Cooper's complete discography. Alice kicks ass.
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