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Trials And Tribulations

As some of you know, I'm now co-moderator of dreamyicons. Duties there really kicked in last night, when I discovered that the main mod, ibdreamy, was unable to get online at all, and could not tally up the latest contest's winners, and had not had time to do the award graphics. Thus began a heavy burst of work, trying to slap together three icon sized animations for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards, all with the theme 'dark icons'. Happily, I got them all done, and actually got several positive comments, including at least one person who said they liked the awards better than any of the entries...LMAO.

Today, I decided to update one of them (the icon on this post) into a personal icon. Back into Graphic World I go, only to start having problems with the software., I recently dropped Photoshop 7.0 for the newer, updated Photoshop CS. I've noticed some really annoying problems I've had with it (and the accompanying ImageReady CS), and it finally annoyed me enough to stop what I was doing, save my work, uninstall all of the Photoshop CS stuff (backing up all my extras in the process), and go through reinstallation of PS 7.0 (and all the extras, AGAIN). Yes, this took forever, but it was worth it; I fired it up and got my icon done with no further muss or fuss.

As an aside, when I say that all my PS extras takes forever to set up again, I'm not kidding. At last count, that involved:
  • EyeCandy 4000
  • Xenofex
  • Image Doctor
  • Panopticum Fire
  • Toadies Effects
  • DSB Flux Filter Collection
  • a large custom brush set
  • 19 Flaming Pear Filters
  • custom color settings
  • custom gradients
  • 184 extra actions
  • and some other crap that slips my mind at the moment...
So, yeah, it's a major chunk of day.

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