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What Is The World Coming To?

Any of you heard of "BreakKeys"? Apparently, this is the new collectible game...you get these little plastic keys, interlock them with someone else's, and twist until one breaks. To make it more 'interesting', each one has some number on it, that you can go to the website and enter, to eventually 'unlock the code' to figure out which one is the best, or something.

Aren't you just jumping out of your chairs, right now, headed to your local game store for a pack of these? Sure you are.

Somehow, I miss what the fun of this is supposed to be. I just DON'T GET IT. And I'm not kidding about these things, either; hell, they just showed up in a webcomic. I agree with the last line, though, which has to be one of the best things I've heard in a while: "This has all the intensity of a coin flip combined with the strategic challenge of bubble wrap."

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