God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Dream Snippets


I recall being at someone's house, and I don't know who or why, I was just there. I remember wandering into this room, where some guy was lying on the bed, a girl on top of him (sheet covered them, I don't think they were really doing anything), and another guy standing there talking. I entered and joined the convo, and at some point, the guy on the bed mentioned that he used PhotoShop 9. I asked him how that was working out for him, since I tried using it and it was buggy (shit, this crap even spills into my dreams!). Somehow, he mentioned someone's name who I knew back from Memphis (my ex-bass-player, Chris, though it was a different name in the dream), and we got to laughing and talking animatedly about the fact that we coincidently knew some of the same people. And yes, this was all while he was lying there with the chick, whose face I never saw.

Another part, we were sort of at the beach. Sort of, because it wasn't a normal beach. First off, it was way too much beach between land and water, and the water was being held back behind some sort of wall structure. Apparently, this was due to some evil creatures that were in the water, and I was determined to study them. I remember at some point one of them was right below me (this didn't ease into the water like a beach did, but just dropped off), and it looked like something right out of Lovecraft's mind, all tentacled and squamous, with a single baleful eye staring up through the murky depths. SO I dropped a rock on the eye, seeing if it would react. Seems I recall something about them eating plankton...Eh, the rest of it is all fuzzy.

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