God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

*Sigh* At It Again

I'm sure you all remember (and if you don't, that's fine, too) the big dust-up when the "American Family Association" had their poll about whether or not you favoured the legalization of homosexual marriage. They had planned to take the poll to Congress to "prove" that people were against it, and this backfired on them, Seems the poll went just as they planned (plenty of opposition) when the only people voting were AFA members...but when the poll's URL got out to the public, and the public voted, the numbers were quite different from what the AFA had hoped. Even after a large chunk of votes were disqualified due to being 'stuffed' by a script/program, the opinions were still in favour of things...so the AFA just deleted the poll, took their toys, and went home.

Well, someone's at it again.

This time it's the "Traditional Values Coalition", whose most recent site poll asks "Would you vote for a presidential candidate who supports same-sex marriage or civil unions?" Again, I wonder at the validity these people think they are going to get from this. Face it, either you are going to limit your votes to only those that are visiting their sordid little right-wing site and who believe, like they do, that nothing should ever change and that they have the right to police something like this, regardless of the fact that it's none of their damn business, OR you are going to get this poll leaked out and it gets lobbied around people who hate them, and they will all jump in and vote, as much as possible, and skew the numbers WAY in the other direction, OR, Goddess forbid, they might get a decent cross-section of people, making the poll relatively legitimate, and find that it's pretty evenly divided...and that'll just annoy them.

Honestly, people, shit...calm the Hell down. What do you really care who anyone else fucks, and why do you think this affects your life? You are still free to fuck who you like, or not fuck at all, if that's your bag. Go ahead, make yourself happy. If you want to fill your child's head with the same hating, close-minded, poisonous bile, that's up to you...after all, this country has lived in the shadow of hatred this long, why not help continue it, even make it a little worse? In the mean time, the rest of us well-adjusted, happy, relaxed people will keep on enjoying life and poking fun at you

We'll even take that non-seriously, because after all, we understand, we know it's not your fault. Some of you are just unfortunate in that you were born haters, and the rest of you are unfortunate enough to have been raised by haters, who filled your young, impressionable minds with the same disgusting sludge that you are forcing down your own children's throats.

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