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Di and I went to check out the new apartment last night. Made some measurements, and yes, we actually measured out the furniture and laid it all out on graph paper...sad, geeky, even weird, perhaps, but then, I've never denied any of that.

Anyway, everything looks perfect. We'll be able to move in the weekend of Valentine's Day, and I think a couple people at her office are going to help. Anyone else want to give me a hand, hey, I won't complain. Regardless, this'll give us a good two weeks to get the old place clean before we're officially out...and our new landlord, even though he's letting us in the place around the 13th/14th, is only going to prorate that month's rent from the 20th...not too shabby!

The place is a tad smaller than the one we're in now, but not too bad. The only real change that's a big deal is that there is no room for the Banshee and her corner-desk dais to live in my bedroom, so she'll be set up in the living room. This really is a bigger deal than it sounds, as that is my escape and cave, my place to get away from, say, hyper 7-year-old stepson. Being in the front room, this will no longer be an option. Still, I won't DIE, it's just not how I would have liked it. Only issue we'll have to be sure of is the cable connection looks a little odd, but I'll have that checked.

And, damn, am I glad to be out of here. Funny thing, actually: you've heard me complain about the rhino family upstairs, right? And they were one of the things I was looking forward to getting away from? They moved out last week. Yeah, thanks, now that I'm leaving...ah well, this place has no upstairs neighbours, so that makes me happy. Oh, and, dravengodvamp, yes, we are getting the unit you had oh-so-briefly. The karmic energy will not disappear.

Another reason I'm glad to be going...this place is just too weird. I've seen the same car pull into the parking lot here TWICE now, make a u-turn in the unused parking spaces, and leave again. SAME CAR. TWICE. AN HOUR APART. I don't get it. The Russians next door have taken to, apparently, using a feline in their carpentry. And the nosey old bitch next door has been glancing in my open windows again and scowling. Next time, I'm mooning her, I swear.

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