God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Stupid People On The Internet

You need a license to drive. You need a license to hunt. Why, oh WHY don't you need a license to use the 'Net?

Case in point: Dig this complete zero. The guy that runs that site, from time to time, goes trolling on IM for idiots with webcams, looking for cybersex, and basically humiliates them. That's kinda sad, but I can deal with that, since it just points out the REAL sad individuals, these morons who actually think they are talking to some hot girl who conveniently has no boyfriend and is actually getting off on whatever moronic shit you are typing to them, misspelled and chatspeak translated, all while viewing your shitty webcam shots of your pathetic body.

This guy (in the link), though, man, he takes the cake. TWICE.

Might not be work-safe, though no nudity is displayed (unless you count skinny whitebread bird-chest). It all just reminds me of the "chick" that contacted me months back, and how far I managed to drag THAT out...*snork*...but that is another story...

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