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I'd Ask You To Kill Me If I Didn't Have Cookies

What a fuckin' morning.

Last night was bad enough, as I had multiple problems for an hour or more trying to install two different games. Grrrrr.

Woke up to the alarm clock's warnin', only to discover that my head is pounding with one of my massive headaches (still wish I knew what caused them), and my vision is blurred. Sadly, I must get up, as it's Wednesday, and I have to take Di to work. Stumble out of bed, down a mouthful of Advil, and off I go, banging my head getting into the car. Yeah, thanks God, that helped.

Drop her off, and go to drop off Erik. On the way, discover that a wreck has backed traffic up for a good distance, right where I need to be and where there's nowhere to turn around. On the day that I'd rather be home in bed. *sigh*

Finally get him gone, head home, and drop everything on the floor, so I can collapse back into bed. By this time, I can barely see, and I damn sure can't think. Pass out, only to be awakened by someone calling for Di, who apparently HAS her work number, so why the fuck don't they call her there in the first place? Crap.

Just enough time to get my jeans back on, gather my dropped belongings, register that I can see better and my head doesn't feel QUITE as bad. Get in the car (banging my head AGAIN), to go get her, pick her up, bang my head a THIRD time, getting back into the car to come home, and then slamming my elbow into a door frame when I get here.

Fuck this. I'm seated now, and I don't plan on getting up unless I have to go to the bathroom...and that will be with extreme caution.

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