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Someone recently told me to "remember how I affect people". They meant it in a good way, but I considered it from both ends of the spectrum...and I realized that it's not something I think about, usually...at least, not from the 'good' end. I don't really try to be anything, I just try to be there for people, and help them to be happy, if I can...or at least less sad.

Even not thinking about it, it still jumps into my face sometimes. Take today. Someone I consider a friend complained that, after being backstabbed by a friend of his, he was thinking about life and lamented that he has no friends. I asked what happened. He responded that we'd talk privately, over e-mail, but not to take offence at the "no friends", because he considered me something of a 'mentor or father figure'.


There's no way to respond to that, except to say that I am deeply honoured that someone would think that highly of me. Needless to say, though, it made me feel VERY good.

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