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Loadin', Loadin', Loadin'...Carryin' Boxes, Loadin'...

(*yes, the title is meant to be sung to the tune of "Rawhide"*)

One room down, in the old place. Stripped, cleaned, empty. My back hates me, but it's got to be done, right? If nothing else, I found the cool shower curtain we bought for the new place...and yes, there'll be pix when we get everything in and up. I'm just happy all my toys are finally up...very little breakage/loss, but a few small bits.

Hey, real quick: in contrast to my normally controversial self, I haven't said a damn thing about the whole 'legalized gay marriage' thing. Why? Short version is that there's nothing to say about it that you haven't already seen or thought. Personally, I'm all for it, and don't see any reason why anyone should be against it. I think the arguments claiming how it's the downfall of hetero marriages and associated bullshit are absurd. I also don't feel like debating it, since it doesn't affect me (which, frankly, is the whole point missed by those against it), so don't bother baiting me with taunts and dissenting views. You are welcome to your opinions, and I know that normally I'd rise to the challenge and fight back, but this just seems like a really dumb thing to bother arguing about.

And now, to continue unloading. Man, moving is a pain in the ass.

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