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Good Morning. Yes, I'm still in pain, thanks for asking.

Last night, Di discovered that her computer, hunk of shit that it is, will not boot up. Yep, it was fuckered, AGAIN. On top of work stress and moving stress and god-knows-what-else stress, she decided she couldn't hack it any longer, and broke down. So, having got last night's shipment in the house, I unpacked it and put it away, while trying to tech her machine problems. Never did figure out what the prob was, it won't even boot into Safe Mode, just reboots no matter what you do. Finally decided it wasn't worth it, and I was in too much pain and annoyance to care, so I reinstalled the OS, recovered as many of her files as I could, and said to Hell with it for the night. By this time, she had passed out on the couch (within the first few minutes of a movie), so I just let her sleep there for a couple hours while I handled shit.

Woke up with my eye burning. Di sez hers did, too, so must be something in the air. Whatever.

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