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(*Links courtesy, as frequently, from that delving newshound, stig_mata*)

San Francisco federal judge has ruled that software company 321 Studios' popular DVD-copying products are illegal. - Judge Susan Illston granted Hollywood studios' request for an injunction against 321 Studios, saying the small software company has seven days to stop distributing its DVD-copying products. Illston wrote that federal law made it illegal to sell products that--like 321 Studios' software--break through DVDs' antipiracy technology, even if consumers do have a legal right to make personal copies of their movies.

So, yes, you have the legal right to make a personal copy of your DVDs, but the software required to do so is illegal. I understand that the software can also be used for illegal purposes, but that's the same as banning guns because of innocent murders...you're attacking the tools for the actions of the operators. Justice System In Action.

Teacher And Student Found Naked In Car - Police patrolling an area known for drugs and prostitution saw a car with it's windows steamed up, and inside found a 14-year-old boy with a 30-year-old teacher, amusingly named Ms. Arreola. She reportedly told police she was giving the boy a ride home....I'll say she was giving the boy a 'ride'. Roqua Montez, school district spokesman declined to discuss the employee's assignment. However, according to the district's Web site, in October Arreola was named lead teacher in the after-school program at Burbank. Heh, no doubt...I'll bet the students just LOVE her.

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