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Well, need to get a couple things up, yet, but for the most part, we're done...which is good, because I realized last night that all this lifting and shifting has effectively put my shoulder back to pre-physical-therapy status...but I'm tired of whining about it. I'll get pix of the new place shortly, I promise.

Feeling very...out of things, lately. probably part of the reason for my lessening of presence. Just feel like...fuck it, I don't even have the words to describe it that wouldn't sound pathetic and whiny.

Changed my computer's sound set-up. used to be hooked to a stereo, now hooked to a speaker-and-subwoofer combo that I got out of caliban's stuff (since he said he no longer needed it anyway). Moved the stereo to the DVD player (which needs to be tweaked). Stereo used to have four speakers (two that came with it, two I added, old ones). Decided I didn't need to two old ones. Now realizing I could use them, and still have them...but either dumped or lost the fucking speaker wires. Way to go, jackass.

Haven't done any art in a while...need to get back to the LJ Tarot Project, just can't seem to find inspiration. Haven't made icons in a while. Even took a bit of a leave from moderating dreamyicons.

Need something, not sure what.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

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