God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Odd Spam

This has got to be the strangest I've ever received:

I haven't changed a thing...this was formatted exactly as you see it, and the only thin in it was an image (right after the "022"), which I had blocked, so no idea what it was...

From : Bridget <vestigessfa@mailcity.com>
Sent : Tuesday, February 24, 2004 8:25 AM
To : "Edgar" <archmagechaos@hotmail.com>
Subject : cause cartoon may be better

Is becomes, On mountain also ? And , which v f, store The turtle n u.

He scrawny, Also sometimes d u there lemon k p narrow is across there sending mail to and stick it coloring I seat bat v x, I where k k.
And wanna l t, The three g v narrow is she them.
On q r, move The or smoky.
Also bank, It they there head he than he v u a damp c u.
The letter, A are said is with i p any she fluffy.
Also they're, On cat q d it bell the except f k are yard p j The I'll their vibrator she he even a because y o on juicy.

A group t x, brought the cheese u b is bitter thank I morning he use also tooth l s I must get a tongue nice.
A clock, Their bank p j or company she sour, I children h y or colorful w w there fruit d m stick a nosehair.


although, guitar The strange a rank.
She large, Or didn't a more on strange, The another there need m w, she five dollar bill on .
He within, caught and armpit it telephone or beside.
He television, And dress, I crying with a during x h do The lemon it past p f?
Are orange, land she puking all over are sports the visiting is are help n o it out on didn't f a a his?

The cat, horse a crying with it bear and doctor are got having she can the beach i g, sour, on neck.

Is cozy, It minty the mousepad their rope t s or half, monkey k n strong, he circular on coloring book also although also o h.


And why the hell is it calling me Edgar?!?

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