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All I Want Is For Things To Work

A couple days ago, I called up Comcast (cable internet provider), and was a tad nasty. Since I moved, my connection has dropped at least once a day, and my speeds have been less-than-desirable. But they fixed it, no worries, and I was happy again. Until this morning.

Now, I had things I actually needed to do this morning. First and foremost, I needed to finish up doing some business cards for erotocism, and get the files up where she could get them, so they could be printed today. So, imagine my unhappiness when my connection completely craps out on me. Luckily, after talking to technical services, we discovered a large outage in my area, and they really were working on it. Gave me a chance to get some crap down around the house, and to rip and encode a music video, and once everything came back up, I got my work done, so I'm happy-ish again.

Still, yeesh! Ah well, now I sit here, drinking black cherry Kool-Aid out of a large ceramic skull. Life's not so bad.

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