God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Adventures In The Outside World

Oddities lately:

Apparently, the way to make friends in Vancouver is to wear a Misfits t-shirt to the mall. Went there to do some walking the other day, and had two different people, out of the blue, hail me with comments, one to agree that the Misfits rock, and the other to ask me which I preferred, pre- or post-Danzig. Go figure.

Speaking of random comments, Di and I were eating brunch at a local Shari's (like a Denny's, but not as good). Looking out the window, we happened to see, at one point, this little old woman getting out of an SUV with a younger couple (obviously Grandma), and was making faces in the SUV's window at a littl'un. "How annoying", we both said, and went back to our convo. Not long afterwards, though, I happened to look up from my food as the little old woman was walking by our table, and was pleasantly surprised when she stopped, pointed at my left shoulder, and in a cute little-old-lady voice said "That's an awesome tattoo!" I thanked her, and she went on to her table. Just made my morning...that'll teach me to judge, eh?

Quote for the morning: we were looking at a menu in the aforementioned Shari's, and it mentioned that a new thing they have is a meatball sub. Instead of slicing the breadroll, though, it was sorta hollowed out, canoe style.

"That's weird," I said, "what's up with that? Looks like a canoe."
"Well," says Di, "I suppose that's so it doesn't drip all out when you pick it up, but why would you pick it up anyway?"
"Of course you'd pick it up, " I responded. "It's a sandwich."
Di retorted, "No, it's a boat.

LMAO...I guess you had to be there. Time to watch James Bond films all afternoon (went and rented Thunderball, Goldfinger, and Diamonds Are Forever). Have a good day, y'all.

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