God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Son of a Bitch Fish

A man and his priest were out fishing one afternoon. They were enjoying themselves, talking, just having a pleasant time. Suddenly, the priest gets a bite on his line. He reels it in, and it is the biggest, most beautiful fish you've ever seen. Beside himself, the man exclaims, "Wow, look at that son of a bitch!" Shocked, the priest says, "That is blasphemy! You should not be using such language." The man, not wanting to look bad in front of his priest, explains, "No, no, that's the name of the fish. It's a son of a bitch fish."

The priest had never heard of that sort of fish, but he believed him anyway. Later that day, the priest shows the fish to the bishop and says, "Hey look at the big son of a bitch I caught today." The bishop was surprised and said, "I can't believe you just said that." The priest explained to him that it was the name of the fish. The bishop then had a great idea. "Hey, since the pope is visiting tomorrow, we could serve this fish for dinner. I can even scale it for you." After he scaled the fish, they took the fish to the nun to see if she would cook it for them. "Hey, would you mind cooking this son of a bitch for the pope's dinner tomorrow?" She was also shocked at their language, but they once again explained, "It's the name of the fish. It's a son of a bitch fish." She agreed, and cooked it for them.

So the next day they sat down to dinner with the pope, and they ate the fish the priest had caught. The pope really enjoyed the fish, and he asked, "Who do I have to thank for this fine meal?" Proudly, the priest stood up and said, "I caught the son of a bitch!" The bishop chimed in, "I scaled the son of a bitch!" The nun then said, "And I cooked the son of a bitch!" The pope looked around the room, and thought deeply for a moment. He then took of his hat, put his feet up on the table, and said, "Hey, you know you fuckers are all right!".

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