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See? We Should Rule.

kespernorth and I were talking about some mildly suspicious news bits he linked me to, and why they may or may not be reported in America. I mentioned how much harder it is in today's world to keep something under wraps, due to the links in world news that were unavailable even just 10 years ago, and he agreed, with a few caveats...

kespernorth: 1) people are stupid
kespernorth: 2) we're suspicious bastards
archmage: wholeheartedly agreed
archmage: on both counts
kespernorth: 3) we're, ahem, weirdos. and who listens to a weirdo?
archmage: also quite true
kespernorth: 4) nobody but a weirdo wakes up at two in the morning and decides to troll obscure media for wacktastic conspiracy shit based on something somebody mentioned in a blog
archmage: except us.
kespernorth: Right.
archmage: well, there you go.
archmage: we should rule the planet.
kespernorth: *nodnods* we should!
kespernorth: with an iron fish!
archmage: I'll go for that.
archmage: but where can you get an iron fish at 2am?

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