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Crappy End To A Great Day

Well, had the photoshoot that I was Shemping for today, in the old Georgetown Power Plant. What a blast. This is an old steam power plant, not connected to the grid any longer, but still runs, kept in tip top shape by a tiny little woman named Lily, who is one of the top 5 steam engineers in the world. I got along with her famously, maybe because I was fascinated by the place.

This place was amazing. I'd kill to have a day and 6 people to run around in there with Laser Tag equipment. I'm going to get rayce to let me have some of the locations shots to post here. Also met hypnox (Doug from Friday night), and vesparider, who was in control and responsible for the shoot (Douglas from Friday night). Bro', you EVER need slave labor again, I'm your man! Even got Rayce to get one shot of me, next to a transformer which was proudly marked 'P666'...

Some of the models I knew already: 01flux, teknoerotoskizm, i_feel_sick, josienutter, leenerella, some of the rest I recognized or met for the first time, including gothfox, syren666, sayaka, Sarah Jane, Wendy, Martha, Martin, Mars, and others whose names I may or may not have ever gotten. All in all, a fun day, if a long one (Rayce picked me up at 2:00, we got back here at midnight). Went out for a drink and a bite to eat after the shoot, just me, Steph, Rayce, Jayne, and Jason. Mmmm, I hadn't had fried calamari in a long time.

So anyway, home I come, in high spirits, enjoying the idea of getting to bed, Rayce staying over here because she's not feeling hot. head back to my room to get everything out of my pockets, flip on the light, and lean down to say hello to the rats.

Ben is dead. So are two of the babies.

No apparent cause, she was just laying there, with all the little ones piled on her like usual, but when I was noticed and they all came to attention, she didn't move.

I buried them out in the courtyard. Fuck, and this day was so much fun. Not the way I wanted to end it.
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