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Just Because It Fits The Profile, Doesn't Mean It Isn't Shit

Most people are aware of my fascination with Asian horror. So when I see a new Asian flick in the vid store, the chances of my not renting it are slim to nil...and my chances of liking it are also pretty slim. Considering the cultural and social differences, I don't expect anyone else to enjoy them, which is why I generally don't recommend them to anyone else (for the most part), or even say much, unless I know you are into this as well.

But, for a change, I gotta give out a little advice.

Don't bother watching "Suicide Club". The flick spends a little over an hour building up a fairly interesting storyline, and then, out of the blue, blindsides you with new situations that have no connections to anything, but are apparently important. Just when you think you might have found a tenuous connection to the story, it's taken away again, and the film completely devolves into the goofiest load of unrelated, overdone, and incoherent babblings, followed by a gratuitous and jumbled bit of visuals. Think you found a connection, anyway? That's gone, and the only thing that could happen to drag it into the story doesn't...for no apparent reason. Movie ends.

You stare at the screen, wondering what happened. Don't bother, you won't figure it out. Some digging let me discover that there are due to be 2 sequels, and apparently, it WILL all make sense, eventually. Gee, thanks for the cookie, Dad. What a fuckin' waste. Well, they can't all be good, right?

Just skip it. Please, learn from my pain.

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