God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Bridging The Gap

Too funny...

I'm out doing my walk, right? At one point, ahead of me, I see some woman, and, after a moment, I realize she's speaking in sign language to someone I cannot see. Dunno what she was saying, but she looked pretty exasperated or annoyed. Soon, a guy comes into view, and off they walk, in my direction. He's a couple paces behind her, and as I get close to them, he looks at me, and starts bitching about her...in sign language! No idea what he actually said (I don't know sign language), but from his expression, it had to be something like "Geez, get her" or "I dunno what her problem is". Getting the gist of it, I cocked a smile at him, gave him the ol' tip o'the hat salute, and he smiles broadly and salutes back.

As I walked on, I just got to giggling...language is no barrier to expression, it seems. Worlds apart we may have been, but we knew what the other meant.

Unrelated to that, I also found it funny that two different cars stopped to ask me directions. I've been in this neighbourhood less than a month, and my walking is pretty random, seeing where streets go, and here I am, giving directions.

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