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OK, let me just start out by saying this is petty, nitpicky, fanboy-ish, and basically stupid.  Thus, any comments to that effect are now redundant, pointless, and even more stupid than the post.

Still with me?  Let's move on.

Ran across this link to Pyramid Gallery.com today.  For those that don't immediately perk up, the "Pyramid Gallery" was the place in "Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth" where J.P. Monroe bought the Pillar Of Souls.  Anyway, of course I was interested, and checked it out.

Apparently, this is a site that sells replicas of the Lament Configuration (the Box, from the hellraiser films).  Wood with a brass etched covering, they look great, and for $125, they damn well better.  My first thought was 'hey, cool, a little pricey, but pretty, nonetheless'.  Then I get to looking...and there are 5 OTHER "boxes" for sale, and 59 more of them, listed as 'work in progress'.  Every one of them with a name and a tagline, and all but a few supposedly constructed by Philip Lemarchand.

Now, I'm happy to admit that they are, as I said, really good work.  However, the whole thing just pissed me off, since it took liberties with an established storyline that made no sense.  Lemarchand made the first box as a special commission, to specific instructions, and when he realized what he had done, he was horrified, and made only one more design (the Elysium Configuration), which he never managed to actually construct, due to his untimely death shortly after designing it (see "Hellraiser: Bloodlines").  This site, though, is claiming that "In the year of 1749, LeMarchand produced fifteen documented puzzle / music boxes.  These designs soon became the rage of Europe" and that "It is believed that LeMarchand constructed more than 270 of his puzzle boxes before he vanished in 1811".

(See?  Told you this was petty and stupid.)

I'm OK with the art being a rip-off of the Box.  I'm OK with charging an insane amount of money for them.  I think it's overdone and a little goofy, but that's my opinion, nothing more.  but to just rape a story like that annoys me to no end (it's one of those things I hate about Disney, just to run off on a tangent).

Ah well, I've made enough of an ass of myself for one day.


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