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*Grunt* Morning Already?

Man, just woke up in a bit of a rotten mood.  It'll pass, I'm sure.

Boy, did I wake up to find the world weird...I mean, more so than normal.  For instance, right about now, there should be a press conference at NASA, formally announcing the finding of the 10th planet, tentatively named Sedra.  Seems there is some debate about whether it's really to be classified as a planet.  It's not much smaller than Pluto, but it is also about as far from Pluto as Pluto is from the Sun, and there are plenty of other items floating around out there (the so-called "Kuiper Belt objects").  So we'll see...but if it is accepted into the planetary list, there's a good chance that they'll change the official name to make it consistent with the others...which is fine by me (Sedra is the Inuit goddess of the sea...um, yeah, OK).

Wanna see what could be the beginnings of the new era in display?  Dig The HelioDisplay.  Man, I want one...but I don't have $20K just lying around.

On weird notes, check this out.  A script for sale, called "The Arcanum".  Frankly, I think that sounds pretty cool, but I know it'll never make it in America.  Too bad, really.  Someone should buy it and do it as a comic book, that might work. 

Speaking of comics, have any of you seen "Lovecraft", a recent graphic novel released by Vertigo?  I just read it last week, and I'm kinda torn.  On one hand, it's a little dopey, a little overdone, and a little boring.  On the other hand, it is fairly well researched, and uses a lot of factual stuff from HPL's life.  Basically, it takes a fanciful look at the man, and where he got his stories, assuming the whole Mythos to be truth and his connections to the Necronomicon to have influenced him.  Adding real events in HPL's life made it an interesting read, but I didn't feel like the authors really captured the essence of Lovecraft's work, but rather just took some of the more overt bits and made something bland and hackneyed out of it...but then, I guess you have to, in order to appeal to the average vapid American comics audience.


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