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Why, Yes, I *CAN* Kill You All Without Breaking A Sweat

Ever since moving onto the new machine, I haven't bothered re-installing all the games I had on the old one.  Some of them, I just don't really play much anymore.  others, well, I have this nasty tendency to get new games, and stop playing others to try them out...and eventually, I end up with several half-finished games, and I have to try and remember where I was in them when I go back to them.  So, solving the problem by only installing what I'm immediately playing.

OK, so finished Freelancer (though, I'm going back to salvage all the wrecks), and got around to re-installing Neverwinter Nights last night, since I have both Shadows Of Undrentide and Hordes of The Underdark, but haven't played them yet.  Man, I forgot how much I loved this game...way too easy to slip back into my old 14th level monk, Gruad Ironfist.

I'll be occupied for a while...especially since, if things work out, I'll be the happy owner of UT2K4 later on tonight.

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