God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Contrary to popular belief, this is not how I want to wake up.

OK, so Di decides this morning to burn a compilation CD, so she can take it in the car with her.  No worries, right?  Now, not having had a burner in a while (the one on her old machine died), she is happy to have one again, but needs to learn new software (since I use Nero, now, and she used to have CD Creator).  So, I go to show her the basics. 

We notice that, as she opens up her music folder, it takes forever, and most of it is gone...which is doubly odd, since she was listening to it not but an hour before.  Various things I try, with no luck.  Here's some of the weirdness:
- I try to see the drive through the network, and see folders that she can't
- She moves some files to the other drive, and I can see even more
- She moves everything off of it, and I can now see only what we saw originally
- go to DOS, check directory, only shows what we originally saw...then claims file not found and quits showing the directory

All this says "not good" to me.  Now, this particular drive is the old one out of her old computer, the one we bought to replace the old drive that died...so it's fairly new, and should have no problems.  However, obviously, it is, so she decides to just scrap the drive, she doesn't need a 2nd drive, for me to take it out.  I agree, and she goes off to get Erik.

So, I sit down to remove the 2nd harddrive.  Easy-peasy.  In this machine, there's a small steel "box" that holds the harddrives and floppy drive.  A simple lever let's it swing out for easy access.  I've done this plenty of times.  This time, though, it is giving me some odd resistance, so I work it until it comes out.  I discover that my source of resistance is that she left a floppy disc in the drive, not all the way in, just hanging out the front, and that was what was caught.  I remove it, remove the faulty harddrive, and put it all back in.Fire up the machine.

Bad buzzing noise.  Oh, cripes.

The sound is coming from the floppy drive.  little door is stuck, but that's easy enough to fix...until my big ham hands break the little swingy door off.  Well, this isn't a big deal.  Remove the door.  Same thing.  Eventually, I notice that, if you put a disc into the drive, it doesn't pop down onto the heads, therefore the disc cannot be read.

I know, it's a floppy drive, who needs them anymore?  Well, Di backs up her checkbook info (which she does on the computer) to disc...so not only will she not like that I broke it, she won't be able to load up her info next time...yep, Frank's in the doghouse.  Luckily, she isn't home yet.

To make a long story short, I went through a lot of frustration, and finally decided that we could just spare the 15 bucks for a new drive.  I gave it one last try, though, and got the drive taken apart to find that the mechanism had been pulled off it's track, and that was really the only problem.  Putting it back was an exercise in maximum force applied as gently as possible, but it worked, the drive was fixed, reinstalled, and tested.

Everything's A-OK now...and she still isn't home to know what happened.  Man, did I feel like I was on top of the world.

And, boy, do I wish I had a cigarette, right now.  ;)

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