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Thanksgiving, Such As It Is

Well, here it is, another holiday. Woke up VERY late with a headache, and a sore neck, and the lights in my room on...wish I'd done something last night to merit all this, but I didn't.

Car battery is still dead. Ssince caliban and 01flux left to go to teknoerotoskizm's dinner shindig around the time I woke up...not enough energy or time to get ready to go with, even if I was sure I was invited. Call me 'Southern', rayce, but I'm just funny that way. Hope you guys have fun, though.

Amber has invited me to come down to have dinner with her and Cord and whoever else all shows up, which might be fun...if I had a car to get there.

So I think I'll just spend the day online. Short of anything more visceral, which is not happening at the moment, it's the best way I can think of to spend the rest of the day.

Oh, one last thing, just because the music is on: head over to annathema667's LJ, and say HI, and check out her music. I'm not a fan of most industrial, but this metallic anger-pop industrial techno-edged sound is wild stuff. Hey TC! Love ya doll! Maybe I'm biased, because it's a friend of mine, and maybe I'm biased because I used to webmaster for the band...but that doesn't change the fact that if this music does not kick your ass, then you have no ass to kick.

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