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Mucho thanx to kespernorth for the link...


This is a very simple Angelfire page, but the layout is the only simple thing here.  The site is for a Russian lady named Elena, whose hobby it is to ride her cycle through the dead-zone around what's left of Chernobyl.  The broken English is a little hard on the brain sometimes, but it's well worth it for the photos.  These are not the slick pix of a professional photographer, shot to get just the right angle and emotion...these are just the snapshots of someone who is there to see.

Powerful photos, man.  Just really sets the whole thing home.  Funny to think it's been nearly 20 years since the Chernobyl atomic plant went belly-up.  If that had been America, the loss would probably have been greater...but I bet someone would have tried to get it cleaned up faster.  Looking over these pix, though...well, just check them out, they're beautiful.

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