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Frankie Says Relax

Yes, it's April Fool's...no, I'm not doing anything special. I've got enough problems, thanks.

On the joke front, though, yes, I've seen the "stalking/stalked by' thing on the friends page, and I thought it was damn funny. What I find even MORE funny is the sheer number of people who are offended by it. Calm down, cripes. I don't care if you were stalked in the past: unless you had someone sneaking around your house and watching you, I'm not impressed, anyway. More than that, though, is the number of people who feel they were stalked, getting pissy about this and screaming at bradfitz that it was in such poor taste, that it needs to come down NOW, etc.  hey, kid: the world doesn't revolve around you.  There are 1.3 million active accounts; just because YOU don't lie something, doesn't mean you get to dictate policy.

Well, can we see that Frank's in a rotten mood today?  Fuck, I need a drink.  I haven't had anything more than a single watered-down drink in months.  On a semi-related note, a couple days ago made 5 months without a cigarette.  Yay, me.  but I'd really like that drink.  Anyone care to drop by my house today with a bottle of Tarantula, or maybe some Captain Morgan's and Coke?  Dunno what I can do for ya in return, but I'm open to negotiation.

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