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09 April 2004 @ 10:26 am
Sequel News on "Hellboy," "Tomb Raider"  
People suffered through the "Tomb Raider" sequel hoping against hope that maybe this time, they got it right. Sadly, they didn't, and apparently won't have the chance to again.  "The second 'Tomb Raider' film didn't do the kind of business Paramount Pictures wanted from it so they shelved plans for any more sequels," producer Lawrence Gordon tells the Calgary Sun (mostly, this was due to the fact that it was a bad idea and sucked dead donkey dick). "We'd have liked to do a third, and I know Angelina [Jolie] was interested, but if there isn't an audience there won't be a movie." "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," which cost an estimated $90 million (little of which apparently went into the script), earned about $65 million domestically.

On the plus side, Gordon reveals there are "several more" installments planned for this weekend's Ron Perlman-a-rific box office champ "Hellboy." Not only that, but another beloved comic franchise is about to become a big screen reality. "We're going to do 'The Watchman,'" "Hellboy" co-producer Lloyd Levin tells Cindy Pearlman. "[I]t's really a unique story because it deals with the spiritual aspect of being a superhero."  Hopefully, they mean 'Watchmen', which could kick a lot of ass if done properly...not that I expect them to, but we can hope, right?
egonix on April 9th, 2004 10:55 am (UTC)
Yeah, well, Dark Horse is also doing a sequel to The Mask. Judging by your mask icon, I can assume you were also disapointed with the lack of ultra violence in the last one which is what makes The Comic 1093740932874 Times Better (yes kids, Violence *is* entertaining)

They don't even put Walter into it. Their skipping straight over to Loki.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll: Smackdown (Anger)archmage on April 9th, 2004 11:10 am (UTC)
That movie was a fuckin' travesty. Took a darkly humourous yet serious comic and turned it into a Jim Carrey goof-fest.

Skipping out on Walter? That's just wrong. But nothing less than I expect.
egonix on April 9th, 2004 11:27 am (UTC)
What'd ya think of Hellboy?
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll: Rock Bunnyarchmage on April 9th, 2004 12:22 pm (UTC)
Haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it. So far, everyone I've heard from whose opinions on films from comics I trust, has given me good reviews.
egonix on April 9th, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's a safe bet for even the most elite of comic book fans
unhappymeal on April 9th, 2004 12:43 pm (UTC)
Fuck Tomb Boob Raider. I didn't see either of them. I was astonished that there was a sequel (based on the fact that I never thought the first would do well (it did well?)).

I will stab my eyes out before I see Watchmen.

Seriously, my faith in Hollywood is long gone. Good movies are a rarity. Good comic book movies are even more rare. I do not want to see my favorite comic book defiled by a bunch of ass clowns that drive over people in SUVs while drinking lattes on their way to the set of their latest movie.

God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on April 9th, 2004 01:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm the same way...but on the other hand, I've always thought that it would make a fun flick. It also seems like the films that get made off of lesser known comics end up being truer to the original, as opposed to the 'big name' comic movies (Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil, Batman, Superman) which just come off cheesy.

OK, Superman's off the hook for being in the 80's.
Deechsavrille on April 12th, 2004 09:16 am (UTC)
I'd just like to point out that I spent about 20 minutes composing a response to this before my apathy kicked in and it got deleted. I've really got to work on that.

Take care. :)