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Monday Morning

Not much updates for the weekend.  Mostly this is due to my bandwidth being eaten up by downloads...hey, gimme a break, I don't smoke or do drugs, and I barely drink, I need something to be addicted to.

Wonderful to see delilahbowie on Saturday, been way too long.  Also good to have jahnji over again that night, since I gotta make up for not seeing him for so long.  We spent the evening finishing up 'Shogun', and playing 'Splinter Cell 2'.

Sunday was primarily hanging out at the in-laws' place.  Good food, lots of laughs.

Today?  Well, I plan on finishing 'Splinter Cell 2', and hopefully installing 'Painkiller', as well as reading a shitload of 'Hellboy' comics. 

Yeah, I'm a wild man.

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