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Party Happenings

So kespernorth invites me along with he, caliban, and 01flux to a party in Bellingham last night, at 'Freak Manor'. (Yep, hazeleyedgal_25, I was up your way, I'd-a called you if I had more advance notice of this!) Run down, full of people, at least halfway interesting...plenty of booze, and what the hell, I REALLY needed to get out of my house and see other human beings.

So, we leave an hour late, we get up to the party at something like 11:20, and leave out at 4-something, eat breakfast, roll into home at 7am. Between those times, I had veritable barrels to drink (and was still sober...sometimes my tolerance scares me), watched at least a half dozen people get flogged (and made quietly disparaging comments about the lack of force going into that flogging - at least one person said later on she wanted ME to do the flogging, then...using the studded belt I was wearing...I'm glad that it never came around to that, though), ran into 2 different people I know (Hellos to sayaka and to Nick, my Jewish son!), met a bunch more (the list is long and distinguished, like my Johnson), had an offer to buy my autographed comics of 'The Crow' (I'm talking 4 to 5 figures...I'll do it if I see the money), and still woke up clear-headed (hangovers are for pussies).

I need food. "Hello, Mike and Dave's Pizza?"

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