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Wild News Happenings

Speaking of advancements, dig these:

Non-Wet Water - Tyco Fire and Security has created a new substance with all the properties of water, bar one: it doesn't get anything wet. Called 'Sapphire', it is intended for use in fire-suppression systems, and could be used anywhere: museums, libraries, places of cultural property. Fiore would still be fought, but no water damage would occur. In a demonstartion on 'Good morning, America', submerged books did not get wet, electronics were not be destroyed, and other items that were submerged in the liquid were dried in a matter of seconds, and showed no ill effects. All that and environmentally safe, too. Rockin'!

80% Efficient Motors - Considering the average motor efficiency is somewhere around, what, 20%, maybe 25%, that's astounding. Who created them? not some big company, but a guy who used to play puiano for a living, and who made this technological breakthrough by himself with no formal training. Even better, a guy who does not want to sell the tech to a large corporation, but who is keeping the rights and selling them to smaller businesses, and wants to use this to help revitalize the rundown areas. This is a man who GETS IT. As to the miracle motors, I'll leave the link to explain the more technical aspects of it, but let me give you an example: his magnetic motors have been demonstrated running a 35kg motor (easily big enough to run a washing machine) on just 16watts of power. Normally, this would take 200 to 300 watts. On top of that, he has actually managed to make the motors put out MORE energy than they take in...yes, this seems to be against the laws of physics, but it's not. The permanent magnets are adding energy as well, but this is without electrical input. Thus, an extremely efficient, mostly silent, low energy motor. And, lest ye think he's not gonna make it, a convenience chain in Japan has already ordered 40,000 of his magnetic motor fan units for their stores...and investors are starting to beat down his door.

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