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Music Companies Done Right

These guys are doin' it right, and I wanted to give them a little shout out.

The company is @ntidote Records. Just another small record company with a roster of bands you've never heard of and probably never will, half of which will break up before anything happens, and another half of which will basically suck...and if they are lucky, ONE band will make it big and leave them for a major label before the whole company folds. Sounds pretty grim, eh? That's what big business has done to the industry.

They did one thing, though, one thing that impresses me. They took their band roster, grabbed a song or two from each, and made a sampler disc, to get the word and sound out. Here's the cool part, though: they got smart. Each of the songs is available for download, along with a custom cover for the album, on their website, for free. They openly want you to download the stuff, burn a CD, and maybe burn a few more for friends...but absolutely NOT to sell it. Nice use of the 'net to get the word out, eh...as well as being extremely cost effective for them!

Music-wise, it's not bad. I'm not gonna bullshit you and claim that I honestly think any of these guys has a chance at the big time; basic rock, running the gamut of styles, all with a vague 'horror' theme...they'll never compete with Rob Zombie, who seems to have the genre locked down. Still, it's pretty good, nice background music, and mostly fun (especially the track going right now).

Just nice to see a company not only utilizing the internet (something sadly underdone in today's world), without exploiting it.

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