God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Review Time

OK, so let's talk about Man On Fire. I can sum this up in a simple short, two-word phrase: SEE IT.

All around, an excellent film. Tony Scott ('Spy Game', 'Enemy Of The State', 'Crimson Tide') shows off camera techniques that made us immediately recognize his work, but they fit. He showed a good sense of pacing, too...rumour was that the film started slow, but eventually picked up speed. That's technically true, but it was far from a bad thing. All that 'slow" opening was beautiful build-up, getting the stage set just right. Once the real action started, it never let up...and it damn sure didn't give you much chance to flinch away, either.

The cast was nearly perfect. I completely believed these people were capable of what they did; even Marc Anthony, who who I thought was going to be the weak sister of the film. Christopher Walken gave a great performance in his small role, playing it pretty lightly...which made it perfect. Denzel, on the flipside, went all out, and was perfect doing it. Radha Mitchell 9last seen in 'Phone Booth', and best remembered by me in 'Pitch Black') was downright creepy, once or twice...i wouldn't have wanted to be the one she was mad at. Even Rachel Ticotin, looking good for her age, did a good job, though her part didn't leave her much room to shine.

All in all, I am pleased tohave seen it. See it, you'll like it. Good story, good cast, good look...kudos.
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