God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

RollerCoaster Days

The day started oh-so-meekly.

Get up and get going, as zombiedip had a shoot with visioluxus this morning. Of course I went along, and why not? visioluxus is a lot of fun, a hella cool chick, her husband is a cool guy, and it's always a fun time...besides, what the hell else was I gonna do? So off we traipse, wandering around downtown Portland, taking pix. Finish up there, head home.

Now, the afternoon passed sort of quietly, as I waited for ibdreamy to call. This was short-lived, though, as I had a program update itself and then refuse to work any longer, which meant kill-and-reinstall. Doing so caused some weird changes to my taskbar, so that meant figuring THAT out, too. At long last, success, which meant I could burn my new game and test it. I had gotten it a long time ago, and found it buggy, so I just spent the better part of the last 5 days or more getting it again. Somehow, I think I'm gonna have the same problems as last time...but I can dream, right?

Finally talked to ibdreamy. Seems she was having some new computer problems. Eventually, I headed to her place. And there, my frustrations began. 3 hours, I hung out, alternately rejoicing and sighing. She connects to the net, and browser can't find anything. And away we go...6 freakin' viruses I found on her machine...got them all cleaned out, and now something keeps crashing and killing the machine. System Restore won't work...everytime I try to get her OS updated, it crashes...and since she's on dial-up, no way do those updates download in time. Finally, I threw up my hands, and we made plans for Thursday, when I shall gut her machine to the bare metal, and start fresh.

As I'm leaving, I get a call from Dianna, who tells me that my spirit-brother Merddynn needs to talk to me. Rush home, play phone tag for a while until I get hold of him, and talk to him for a while, trying to get him calmed down and cheered up. Short version is that his wife needs to get her head out of her ass and stop being a manipulative bitch-whore. Finally, off the phone, I settle down.

All this, and I haven't eaten since noon.

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