God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Stupid, Impolite, Blind Jack-Offs

Boy, I'm just a ranty little bitch today, ain't I?

So, I'm in the grocery this afternoon (yes, i cook, dig it). And, here and there, those stupid cardboard displays full of things you don't need are placed in precarious positions. As I'm walking past one, I watch as this fat, ugly bitch (pardon my descriptive terms), while leaning her amble belly over a freezer case, slowly knocks one over with her cart. Didn't slam into it, but just wasn't watching what she was doing and, ever-so-slowly, eases her cart forward, tipping it, more and more, until it falls over. This one happens to be full of wrapping paper and those mylar gift bags for those people too lazy to wrap stuff (hey, I'm guilty of it too, no hypocrisy here). I was right next to it, so I moved forward at the last second and caught it on the edge of my cart, so it wouldn't completely fall over.

Now, had you been the F.U.B. (and I'm so glad you aren't), what would you have done?

Well, not this whore. She looks up from her destruction and looks at me with the blankest expression I've ever seen outside of the Professional Poker Player's Invitational. I smile, and with a 'what-can-ya-do?-these-stupid-things' attitude, say "whoops, you knocked that over." Now, the weight of it is enough that if i let go of the cart, it's gonna get back to its important business of falling. What does she do? Without changing that expression, but still looking at me, she proceeds to calmly start to wheel her bulk (and her cart) away. As I try to go ahead and grab it for her, of course, it finishes falling. Excellent job of it, too, gift bags go sliding everywhere. She finally looks away and continues to walk.

Now, among those that know me I'm known extremely well, as the saying goes. If you know me at all, you know that, for the most part, and certainly in public, I have a lot of patience and generally stay pretty mild. Not this time, baby. I was pissed off...and when that happens, The Voice™ tends to come out like The Kool-Aid Man through a brick wall.

"HEY! You know, YOU knocked this damn thing over, the LEAST you could do is help me pick up YOUR fucking mess."

Yeah, that expression changed THAT time. Nothing like being pointed out, in public, for the jackass that you are, with absolutely no way out of it.

She started to stammer out that she wasn't trying to leave, she was just going to park her cart over here (over here apparently being in the middle of the walkway, causing as much of a traffic jam as possible). Yeah, my ass you were. That's why you didn't even flinch until I said something. She grabbed a couple gift bags and started to come back, all the while I'm wrestling with the thing, getting it back up without any of the giftwrap spilling out. She tried to tell me again as I finished that she wasn't going to leave, but by this point, I had the Beast under control again, was cool and friendly, and frankly didn't give a rat's rotting hindparts what her excuse was. An employee showed up to help about this time, not that they were now needed, and off I went.

Common courtesy, my friends...it costs nothing, but it buys you everything.

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