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Just A Couple Of Ranty-Rants

So, "Van Helsing" opens today. When i first saw the trailers for it, I thought to myself (and later said,out loud), "Wow, that looks like crap." I came up with many things about it I felt were stupid. Needless to say, I find it funny that I already see reviews of the film that address each of my points and adds more. The short version is that it appears to be worse than even *I* could have imagined. I'm sure most of you are gonna see it anyway, and I just KNOW I'll see a huge rash of Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale icons for the next six months. Oh well, what do I care?

Today's Something*Positive asks the question "What is it about blogs, forums, and LiveJournals that just invites stupid fights? Is acting like an ass a clause in the user agreement?" Look around LJ...I think itmust be. Fuckin' humans get this attitude online, because they don't have to face their opponents. When you don't have to look someone in the eye, and even more, this person doesn't know your name, address, phone number, or anything about you, it sure does make your balls grow. Sadly, this means those teen angst jack-offs that normally would learn a little respect or at least learn to keep their big yaps shut, instead go on, well, making jack-offs of themselves. I lament this world, I really do.

(Yes, the irony of my saying this in an LJ is not lost on me. Luckily, I'm also quite willing to say this to anyone's face and defend the point.)

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