God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

If You Own A Gun, I Have A Target For You

I rarely preface things I post...generally I just unleash it on you and let you fend for yourself. That changes for a moment.

This story will sicken you. Chances are pretty good that, by the end of it, you'll be considering the best way to kill a particular team of lawyers.

Here is the story in question. The short version is that three guys, 18 and 2 19's, knocked out a 17 year old girl, then proceeded to not only rape her repeatedly, but bodily and with various objects, but to videotape the whole thing. Now, OK, that's bad, sure, no denying it...but here's the part that'll kil ya: nine defense lawyers, a publicist, a jury consultant and an army of private investigators are actually claiming that this chick worked these "sweet," "caring," "kind" boys into a sexual frenzy and then, while faking unconsciousness, sexually assaulted them. According to their defense, they were aware that she wanted to be a porn star, and that she orchestrated the whoe thing.

The story gives a fairly detailed description of the videotape in question, and it's enough to make your stomach turn. The mentions of just a little of what the nurse checking this girl out later are harsh. It's inconceivable that this should be turned around on this girl, but that is exactly what these lawyers are doing. Look, even if the tape didn't show these guys to be guilty as sin (which it clearly does), this chick is not able to give legal consent, so it's sorta pointless, anyway.

I'm beyond angry. This is NOT what the legal profession should be all about.

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