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Things Man Was Not Meant To Know

I dunno about you, but I think this is just asking for trouble.

The product is the MIRT, or 'Mobile InfraRed Transmitter", and it's stated use/purpose is to change red traffic lights to green. Apparently, it takes control of traffic lights,much like similar devices on Emergency Services vehicles, like ambulances and fire trucks. So, now someone is making this available to the general public.

Oh, good. Just spiffy. How much bullshit potential is there for this to cause? It staggers the mind. I'm trying to figure out how "legal" this thing can really be. They claim it is legal, but that you should follow the links to each particular state's DOT laws. There ARE no links given, though...apparently "Please follow the link to each state's Department of Transportation website link" doesn't mean "here", just follow some random links until you find the site, and hope for the best.

Now, at $500, I don't see it showing up everywhere, like fuzzbusters. But the funniest part, to me, is that this is only sold here, online, through a PayPal Store! Not even a decent weblink to order...yeah, sure, I'd love to send you a half a grand for this quasi-legal hunk of stuff.

I'm bothered by the fact that they'll probably end up selling a bunch of these. Christ, people, simple rules of the road; just follow them and we'd all be better off.

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